James Burke's Knowledge Web VR Design Contest

James Burke, author and creator of the Connections books and television series (see resume), has been working for several years to create an innovative Knowledge Web that will allow people to not only accompany him on his unique pinball journeys through the history of technology, but to create their own. Moreover, users will be able to immerse themselves in history by visiting VR spaces. We therefore invite the Atmosphere communuity to share your favorite historical place, as well your vision for the potential of VR.

Or if you're looking for a more specific challenge, our demo features the relationships around Mary Shelly (author of Frankenstein, wife of the poet, friend of heartthrob Byron, who was father of Ada, who wrote the first computer program for Babbage's Difference Engine; see the Shelley network here). Thus, for example, Frankenstein's lab would make an interesting space, especially if interactive elements could be incorporated, possibly demonstrating people's understanding of science at the time.

Basic background information on the project: http://www.k-web.org

Mr. Burke's vision statement

First prize: an autographed copy of his latest book, Circles, and his CD-ROM game. Second prize: the CD-ROM game. Third prize: an autographed Circles. Entries will be judged according to historical accuracy, interactivity, aesthetics, and relevance to the Knowledge Web project. Official deadline is June 15, 2002, but if you have something (even if unfinished) in time for our next general team meeting May 18, let us know.

Send questions and suggestions to Patrick McKercher

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