Brian Laundrie update: Breaking news as a swarm of police activity in the Florida reservation


Gabby Petito’s father calls Laundrie family “cowards”

During an interview on Dr. Phil McGraw’s show, Gabby Petito’s family said they hoped Brian Laundrie would be found alive.

Ms Petito’s father, Joseph Petito, said he wanted Mr Laundrie to see inside a prison cell for the rest of his life. Mr. Laundrie was not charged in Ms. Petito’s death.

Police activity at the Carlton Reserve resumed after several days of scant searches. Mr. Laundrie is said to have hiked the reserve on September 13 and has been missing since.

A former FBI agent suggested Mr. Laundrie was still in contact with his parents through their family attorney.

When asked if she thought the missing 23-year-old had contact with his family, Jennifer Coffindaffer told a Nation News Now reporter: “Yes… although very vaguely through the lawyer. “

Ms Coffindaffer, who worked for the FBI for over 20 years, added, “He has attorney-client privilege, as long as he does nothing to promote the crime.”

In a separate interview on Dr Phil McGraw’s show, Richard Stafford, the attorney representing the Petito family, claimed that Mr Laundrie stole his girlfriend Ms Petito’s credit card and used it after the have left in Wyoming. The claim came during an interview also featuring Ms Petito’s family.

Mr Laundrie’s sister Cassie Laundrie urged her brother to come forward to “get us out of this horrible mess.”

Speaking on ABC News in an exclusive interview broadcast on Hello america she said, “I would tell my brother to come forward and get us out of this horrible mess.”

The Palm Beach County State Attorney in Florida said more serious criminal charges against Ms Petito’s missing boyfriend were “extremely likely” if he was found alive.

David Aronberg defended his office for not laying charges against Mr Laundrie, saying “prosecutors have a greater burden to prove cases beyond a reasonable doubt”, but said he believed that other charges were “to come”.


Petito family lawyer claims Brian Laundrie “stole” his credit card

Richard Stafford, the lawyer representing Gabby Petito’s family, told Dr Phil in an interview on Tuesday that Brian Laundrie “stole” his credit card and used it after he left it in Wyoming.

“He ran. He stole his credit card. He used his credit card to get home, then ran away from the police. It’ll show what he was thinking,” he said.

The independents Bevan Hurley has more on the story below …

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Gabby Petito’s parents want Brian Laundrie brought back alive

Gabby Petito’s parents told Dr Phil in an interview on Wednesday that they wanted to see Brian Laundrie captured alive.

Ms Petito’s father, Joseph Petito, said he would like Mr Laundrie – an outdoor enthusiast – to be able to see inside a prison cell.

Mr. Laundrie was not charged in Ms. Petito’s death.

The independents Bevan Hurley has more from the interview below.

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Brian Laundrie’s sister says he’s just a “poor survivalist”

Brian Laundrie’s sister Cassie Laundrie told ABC News she thought her brother was just a “poor survivor.”

“I would say Brian is a poor survivalist,” she said. “It wouldn’t surprise me if he could stay there very long. But also, I don’t think anything would surprise me at this point.

Ms Laundrie called on her brother to surrender and lamented “losing her family” to a group of protesters who gathered outside her home earlier in the week.

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Indigenous women say media, not Gabby Petito, to blame for ignoring “epidemic of violence”

Indigenous communities have called for equal attention for their missing loved ones following the public frenzy over the Gabby Petito affair.

The independents Andrew Buncombe has spent time with indigenous peoples campaigning for the media and law enforcement to pay more attention to their missing.

Read more about their fight below …

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Deceased hiker found in same forest where Gabby Petito died has ruled on suicide

Robert Lowery, the hiker whose body was found in the Bridger-Teton National Forest – the same forest where Gabby Petito’s body was found – has been pronounced dead by suicide by a coroner.

Dr Brent Blue, the coroner who worked on Ms Petito’s autopsy, ruled that Mr Lowery died from a gunshot wound to the head.

Mr Lowery’s body was found thanks to an increase in the number of researchers in the area looking for Ms Petito. He was the father of two children and was 46 years old at the time of his death.

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Gabby Petito’s family say they want Brian Laundrie found alive

Gabby Petito’s parents told Dr Phil in an interview on Wednesday that they were hopeful Brian Laundrie would be found alive.

Ms Petito’s mother, Nichole Schmidt, said she wanted to “look him in the eye”.

“I just hope he’s found, alive,” she said.

Her father agreed with the sentiment.

“I want to see him in a jail cell for the rest of his life. He is an outdoor enthusiast. To be in this concrete cell where he cannot go and see these trees and smell the fresh air like that, ”said Joseph Petito.

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Gabby Petito’s stepfather says the hardest thing was not being able to retrieve a woman’s body

Gabby Petito’s stepfather Jim Schmidt told Dr Phil in an interview on Wednesday that one of the difficulties he and Ms Petito’s parents have faced is their inability to retrieve the woman’s body.

“The hardest part was, once they found her, not being able to take her home right away. I understand there are reasons … but we needed to cry. I wanted to take her home, ”he said.

Ms Petito’s remains underwent an autopsy in Teton County, Wyoming, where her death was deemed a homicide. However, his body has yet to be returned to his family on FBI orders.

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Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office has asked to help find Brian Laundrie on the Carlton Reservation

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office has been asked to help the FBI search the Carlton reservation.

Police activity in the swamps increased today after days of scant searches in the area.

The FBI took control of the North Port Police Department search. The use of large drones has been reported by members of the media working on the reserve.

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Brian Laundrie’s neighbors reportedly billed media $ 3,500 a week to stake their lawns

Neighbors of the laundries allegedly charged media networks $ 3,500 to camp on their lawns, according to an unconfirmed anonymous source speaking to TMZ.

The media camped outside the laundromat house for weeks to cover Gabby Petito’s story, with some operating from tents pitched on the lawns of neighbors to the laundromat.

Tensions on the streets in North Port have spilled over at least once between neighbors and a small group of protesters. A neighbor got into a physical fight with a man who frequently shows up at the house with a megaphone to yell at Laundrie’s house.

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Former fugitive advises Brian Laundrie to surrender

Seth Ferranti, a former federal fugitive who eluded authorities for two years after being charged with non-violent drug trafficking, told Fox News Brian Laundrie should surrender.

“You just have to turn into a man – you have to face the music,” he said. “What if you did something to [Gabby Petito], you have to pay the price. And if you haven’t done anything to this girl, you have to present it to the jury and trust your innocence.

Mr. Ferranti was on the US Marshals 15 Most Wanted list while on the run. He said the key to staying in hiding is having money – especially money.

“You have to have money, money, money,” Mr. Ferranti said. “If you have money, as long as you have money, you can stay hidden.”

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