Business leaders present non-profit organization to support local law enforcement


Business pioneers across eastern Idaho are working together to help implement the law nearby. Bank of Idaho CEO Jeff Newgard is the chairman of the board of directors of the Greater Idaho Falls Police Foundation, a nonprofit that started about eight months ago. Newgard told that the new facility will provide aid, assets and financial assistance to the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office, Idaho Falls Police Department and the District 6 Police Department of the state of Idaho. The means by which this foundation assists law enforcement will vary depending on the identification of specific needs.

Aid could take the form of grants for new equipment, additional training, mental health services, or simply the provision of food, fuel, coats, clothing and other resources for those who have them. immediate need.

“We see police budgets shrinking… and we wanted to step in and help our police forces, the people on the streets protecting us. Not just them, but their families (too), ”Newgard says.

The foundation of this organization stems from Newgard’s continued relationship with law enforcement over the past several years. He started riding with the Idaho Falls cops once a year when he first came to town six and a half years ago. As he witnessed the efforts of these men and women, he said that they are a blessing to the community and that not all the praise given to them is enough.

Newgard says the IFPD has also supported the financial sector and the Bank of Idaho and is quick to respond to threats and other concerns that arise.

“We are so lucky to be able to sleep safely at night because these agents are working hard to protect us,” Newgard explains. “I believe it is our duty as citizens to serve them as well and to give back.”

The Greater Idaho Falls Police Foundation is funded entirely by donations. Despite the launch earlier this year without much fanfare, Newgard says there has already been a tremendous response from Ball Ventures, Melaleuca, Bank of Idaho and other organizations.

Since its inception, members of the foundation’s board of directors have also dedicated hundreds of hours to helping the organization get started.

Going forward, Newgard hopes to see the nonprofit grow in importance in the community and become a major fundraising force for law enforcement. “Effective law enforcement is vital for a safe community and helps provide a high quality of life,” Eric Isom, director of business development for Ball Ventures and vice president of GIFPF, said in a press release. “Our police and the staff in our department need our support. “

To donate or learn more, visit the Greater Idaho Falls Police Foundation website.

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  • Business leaders present non-profit organization to support local law enforcement
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