Controversy over Kanyadan Ad: Hindu organization protests and demands apology from the company


Today, a Hindu organization staged a protest outside a clothing brand showroom in Navi Mumbai. In fact, the pro-Hindu organization claimed that its publicity of the “Kanyadan” ceremony at the wedding hurt the religious feelings of the community. Let me tell you that members of the Hindu group Janajagruti Samiti carried placards during a demonstration held on Saturday in front of the store of Vedanta Fashions Limited, a “Dignitary” clothing brand, located in the Vashi region.

Protesters also waved slogans. According to information received, Dr Uday Dhuri, spokesperson for the right-wing organization, said in a statement that “the company’s publicity” “distorted” the “Kanyadan” ceremony during Hindu wedding ceremonies and hurt the religious feelings of the community. in its statement, the organization demanded an unconditional apology from the company and asked it to immediately withdraw the ad. She called on the public to boycott the brand unless the company asks for an apology and the ad is taken down.

Let us tell you, the ad stars actress Alia Bhatt. Alia Bhatt insulted the Kanyadan ritual in this advertisement which is one of the holiest rituals in Hinduism. The announcement angered people of Hinduism. Alia Bhatt is also very roughed up by Internet users.

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