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The essential: Is it starting to look a lot like last year? In addition to increasing the number of cases and reviving mask protocols, the aggressive behavior of the Delta variant is raising concerns in a region – and a country – struggling to recover from pandemic fatigue. A document leaked by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that the variant is highly contagious and can be transmitted just as easily by people who are vaccinated as by those who are not. New findings have prompted the CDC to expand its mask guidelines. Meanwhile, a handful of cases of a new variant, dubbed “delta plus” are emerging.

New Jersey health workers, including those working in long-term care homes and nursing homes, will soon need to be vaccinated against the coronavirus or undergo frequent testing, as will all teachers and other staff in the hospital. Upper Merion area school district staff. , in Montgomery County. And as the number of cases rises again, some restaurants in Philadelphia require proof of vaccination.

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Can bosses impose vaccines? Yes, but it depends on the policies of the workplace. Also, certain exemptions must be respected.

😷 Philly recommends – but does not require – face masks. Acting Health Commissioner Cheryl Bettigole said the city wanted to keep restrictions “to the minimum necessary” for public safety.

🥡 Planning to dine out in Philly? Here are the restaurants that require proof of vaccination.

🏠 The CDC extended the moratorium on evictions, aimed at preventing vulnerable tenants from being evicted from their homes during the pandemic, until October 3.

💉 Almost nine in ten Asian Americans in Philadelphia have been vaccinated, but the numbers for the rest of Pennsylvania are puzzling.

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With the delta variant moving quickly, Montgomery, Delaware and Bucks counties have seen a substantial increase in transmission of the coronavirus. Most of the region now falls under federal recommendations to wear masks in indoor public places. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday reclassified the infection rate in those counties from “moderate” to “substantial,” putting the entire region except Chester County in the high category.

The agency’s nationwide masking recommendation, announced last week, is based on county transmission levels and only applies to those with large or high virus spread. The delta variant now constitutes the majority of new cases. The past few days have seen new calls for masking and an increased urgency for the vaccination surge.

As the delta variant pushes the number of COVID-19 cases up again, people are paying more attention to wearing masks and staying indoors. But what about the outdoors?

Transmission out of earlier viral strains has been “extremely low,” says one expert, but the fact that the delta variant appears to be more transmissible remains a cause for concern. And virologists are still trying to figure out what makes the variant so contagious. Here’s what local experts are saying.

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