How Philly plans booster shots


The essential: The moving average of new coronavirus cases in Pennsylvania is rising steadily as vaccinations stabilize across much of the Philadelphia area. The fall outbreak was predicted for late summer and the school opening in person, and cooler weather is moving gatherings indoors, where the risk of transmission is greater. But high-risk groups are expected to become eligible for booster shots soon, providing an extra layer of protection. Read on for the details, with our fresh new look.

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An FDA advisory group voted unanimously on Friday in favor of booster shots of the Pfizer vaccine eight months after a second dose for people 65 years of age and older who are immunocompromised or in jobs that put them at high risk of disease. exposure, including health care. workers, first aiders and teachers. The group refused to shoot the general public. Here’s how Philadelphia area health officials are preparing to distribute reminders, with official approval possible this week.

🎒 Philadelphia health officials have relaxed their guidelines on when schools should temporarily close due to COVID-19 cases. Meanwhile, at least seven schools in New Jersey have temporarily closed due to outbreaks.

😷 A deluge of requests for medical exemptions from the school mask rules has led some suppliers in the Philly area to push back.

👩‍⚕️ With new variations and increases in cases, many nurses in the Philadelphia school district say they are overworked and lack essential supplies and adequate support to do their jobs.

🐒 A female ring-tailed lemur named Charlie became the first of 113 animals to receive a special COVID-19 vaccine at the Philadelphia Zoo.

A West Philly football coach has dedicated his life to his players. After his death from COVID-19, they dedicate their season to him.

New Jersey daycare workers must be vaccinated against the coronavirus by November 1 or accept weekly tests, Gov. Phil Murphy said on Monday.

🏥 The University of Pennsylvania Health System says 99% of its 38,000 employees have complied with its COVID-19 vaccine mandate, including about 760 who have been granted exemptions for medical or religious reasons.

📈 COVID-19 hospitalizations increased slightly in Philadelphia over the past week, but remain well below December levels. Statewide, hospitalizations continue to rise. Follow the latest data here.

Good news for leaf-watchers: Veteran foliage trackers say that thanks in part to all the moisture brought in from the tropics by the remains of Fred, Henri, and Ida, the annual foliage exposure will prevail and may persist until early days. November in the northeast. Recent trends point to a peak in late October around the Philadelphia area.

The strength is with this father and son duo that records a Star wars YouTube series and podcast in their home of the King of Prussia.

🍂 Goodbye summer, the autumn equinox has arrived. Here’s what to know as the days of Philly get shorter.

The PLCB restricts the sales of certain alcohols. Here’s what to buy instead.

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