Keys to saving you are overlooking – Debt


Saving is not complicated when you are used to doing it, but if you are a person who is constantly in debt, this could become a real challenge. Calm down, the idea is to remember the basic principles of saving and so I will see how the pig starts to gain weight.

It is not about spending less, but about spending better:

It is not about spending less, but about spending better:

Many think that saving means leaving all kinds of expenses and saving up to the last penny, but it is not so. As human beings, we also deserve to recreate and give each other a taste. The idea is to learn to do better, learn what things are really worthwhile and which are not.

The order is basic: Keeping a record of the dates on which you must pay each thing in order not to fall behind, will avoid paying blackberries and other commissions. In addition, if you select the premises closest to your home, you will save on tickets and time, being able to pay everything in one day.

You have an ally that “saves” for you: You will not be solely responsible for entering coins into your pig, on the contrary, the idea is that you do not even have a pig. When you save the money in the bank and make sure you choose the option that pays you the most , month by month the interests add up. These rates can reach up to 2.5% and although at first it seems little, the truth is that after a few months it ends up adding up. Compare the options and choose well.

Set aside the claim:

“I do not buy on such a site”, “that brand is very cheap” and more phrases like this are those that prevent you from saving. Remember, many times you can find places or products with more comfortable prices but with different labels. Give different things a chance and always keep in mind what your goal is.

Remember, saving without a goal will be like starting a diet without knowing how much you want to lose. So first of all, think about what you want to achieve.


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