SANKEI REAL ESTATE: Notice regarding the organizational change of the Asset Management Company (Establishment of the Sustainability Promotion Office)


November 30, 2021

For immediate release

Real Estate Investment Trust Issuer

1-7-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


Representative: Yuichi Ota, Executive Director

(TSE code: 2972)

Asset management company

Sankei Building Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Representative: Yuichi Ota

President and CEO

Contact: Atsushi Mukai

Director and Chief Financial Officer and RI

PHONE: + 81-3-5542-1316

Notice concerning the change of organization of the asset management company

(Creation of the Sustainability Promotion Office)

SANKEI REAL ESTATE Inc. (“SANKEI REAL ESTATE”) announces that the organizational change (creation of the Sustainability Promotion Office) has been decided as follows by Sankei Building Asset Management Co., Ltd., the asset management company in to which SANKEI REAL ESTATE entrusts the management of its assets (the “Asset Management Company”).

1. Details of the organizational change

In order to implement and execute the “Sustainable Development Policy” (established on March 23, 2021) stipulated in the management guidelines of SANKEI REAL ESTATE, the Asset Management Company has established the

“Rules of the sustainability promotion system” on March 24, 2021, regarding the establishment of various policies, the internal structure of the asset management company, the basic policies on cooperation with external stakeholders and disclosure information and other sustainability issues, and decided to establish the Sustainability Promotion Office with the aim of further expanding the sustainability promotion system.

2. Activities implemented by the sustainability promotion office related to asset management for SANKEI REAL ESTATE

  • Sustainability issues stipulated in the rules of the sustainability promotion system
  • Questions regarding sustainability research, analysis and verification
  • Questions regarding sustainable development disclosure
  • Questions regarding the acquisition of environmental certification for the assets under management of SANKEI REAL ESTATE and other questions on the environmental response
  • Questions relating to membership and signing of environmental organizations by the asset management company and SANKEI REAL ESTATE
  • Questions regarding the preparation and management of books, documents and reports relating to responsible operations
  • Questions incidental to the above

3. Modification date December 1, 2021

  • Please refer to the attachment for the flowchart before and after the change.

Reports and notifications concerning this matter will be made in accordance with the Act respecting financial instruments and exchanges, the Real Estate Brokerage Act and other applicable laws and regulations.




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