What is silent surrender? The Michigan Small Business Association Explains


Adrian, MI – The Small Business Association of Michigan’s website recently published an article on the latest workplace trend… called silent shutdown. The article was also shared in the newsletter sent out by the Greater Lenawee Chamber of Commerce.

This act occurs when an employee makes the decision not to go above and beyond, and instead, to do the bare minimum as stated in their job description.

Quiet abandonment can take the form of turning down projects based on interest, arriving late and/or leaving early, refusing to respond to work messages outside of working hours, or simply feeling less invested in the role.

Apparently, this is how employees reduce burnout; however, it has a negative effect on the organizations they work for…according to SBAM

Why do employees quit quietly? They do not feel fulfilled in their work; They feel underpaid; and the employee feels exhausted… among other reasons.

So what can organizations do to avoid quitting quietly? Encourage employees to use their personal and/or vacation time; encourage employees to take care of their well-being and set acceptable limits; respect the limits set by the employee; and encourage a culture of work/life balance.

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